The secret of our success is no secret at all.


The secret of our success is no secret at all. The basic ingredients are well known – hard work, vast experience and an intimate knowledge of the market. Generous measures of all these produces a winning formula. Which is exactly what we have achieved.Today, we are the leading suppliers of coated and uncoated, wood-free, packaging, specialty and copier papers in Pune and its environs. Not by accident, nor by the absence of competition. It is the end result of over 65 years experience in supplying quality paper and service to our customers. Experience alone is not enough, what is equally important is a long history of consistent performance. Over our many years in business we have developed a sensitivity to the needs of our customers – quality prompt delivery and rational costs. Our business philosophy has evolved to provide precisely this. This ethic has become part of the thought process of our young and energetic sales professionals. Conversant with the latest technology, available product mix and specific applications, they are able to identify and recommend, the most suitable papers for our customers’ needs. While our past is a story of promises fulfilled, it is the future that promises fresh opportunities. We do not have the gift of prophesy. But we do look into the past and study the evolution of products upto the present, and the demands that drove this evolution. Extending this trend forward gives us a reliable indication of what tomorrow will require and how to position ourselves to meet these requirements. Trust is a vital underpinning of our rock-solid reputation. This trust has been cultivated, largely, by our policy of selling only high-end branded products. This eliminates any uncertainty form the minds of our customers. Their selection of the optimum product is made easier. Our buyers know that our supplies will be identical to their order specifications. On relationship with our customers is not a casual ‘We Sell, You Buy’ interaction. It is a partnership, mutually beneficial. Our customers are our friends. Our friendships last forever.